My7 Starter Matrix

Matrix Size

2x2 ( 6 Total Members )

Entry Fee

0.21 BTC

Cycle Reward

0.5 BTC

The My7 Starter Pay Plan

My 7 Bitcoins Starter - 2x2 is an innovative and a little bit different system of earnings which combines matrix and cycler. With 2x2 size is one of the fastest ways to earn, because in just a few hours you can earn .5 again and again .5 btc and again .05 etc...

What if someone brings in no people, you ask? Well, that is all taken care of in the law of averages, because just as some members will bring in no one, others will bring in several people. Another law, Pareto's Law or the 80/20 rule, also says that 80% of the new members will be brought in by just 20% of the existing members. This results in SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER which are an integral part of the success mechanics of our pay plan.

The principle of operation is as follows:
After payment of 0.21 BTC you will get position in the matrix and the moment when your position is complete (cycling) you will get directly to yourback office a wallet payment of 0.5 BTC. With the payment you get a new position on the first free place in a new matrix, and earn again 0.5 btc, and again and again.

Network marketers will love the simple pay plan.
Savvy investors will love the rate of return.

Over 2 Times return with only a few people:

Sure you need 6 people in your 2x2 matrix before you cycle and earn your commission, and 6 people is no small number to be sneezed at, even without additional help via SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER. But do remember the 0.50 BTC commission amount is over TWO TIMES what you pay ONE TIME to join My7Starter, and there are no deadlines either corporate or self-imposed for you to be pressured by. The secret of success with this pay plan is to follow the RULE OF TWO: you bring in two people; then you work with these two people to duplicate your efforts; so they also bring in two people each and work with those new members to also bring in two each. Repeated time and time again, over short or long periods, this is what can earn you a tremendous long-term income with My7Starter and My7One.

Simple And Easy To Understand

Try not to overcomplicate the simple yet extremely powerful 'POWER 2X2' pay plan of My7S. It is no more difficult than you introducing two people, who each introduce two, thereby filling your matrix with six people.

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